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Bera emphasizes that he is overly critical towards himself. This critics includes everything but mostly his Songs . As he starts working on his new The Beatles Songs , Bera becomes completely dedicated to it. He thinks about this song 24/7 and tries to think about every possible way to make it sound better. He says that he lives along with his song every day and following weak after the song is released. He tries to be critical In every single detail in his song and tries to make it as close to perfect as possible. Bera also emphasizes that he does not only listen to the people who constantly praise him, compliments and sing along. He thinks that those people who look at his song in more critical way are more valuable. Even though Bera is among most famous stars around the world, and is friends with most of them, he says that he doesn’t like to attend the parties. The reason why he is a friend with such famous people, is not that he tries to become closer to every single celebrity, but because he has to work with same producers as they do. Bera hates fakeness and tries to stay himself. Even in such a fake profession as singer, he still tries to stand strongly with ideology and morals and never go against them.

Two people, who mainly work on Bera’s album “Georgian Dream”, are Rob Fusari and compositor of Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins. Even though Bera has a manager, still he puts a maximum concentration in his job. As he says, young singer always tries to reach his goal by himself because the real winner is the person who does everything by alone Bera also emphasizes the fact that he has no one around whom he can trust all his work. Not that he is too addicted on his job or has some kind of affection. He just feels secure and calm when he has everything under his control. This trait is very useful but at the same time unusual for such young singer Bera . In one of the interviews Bera describes the period when he published his first album in United States and returned back to his home country- Georgia. As Bera says it was very surprising for him when people stopped him on his way and asked to take pictures with him. Teenagers looked at Bera with the respect in their eyes and proudly told him that they where listening his songs five minutes ago. Bera could not hide his amazement he did not get used to this kind of fame and the reaction of these people was unusual for him.

Even though, Bera has already reached bunch of accomplishments. He never relaxes. He is always ready for new challenges. It is very rare for people like him. Other on Bera’s place would consider that they are already adults and as they have career, don’t need to get any more education. But Bera likes the process of getting new information. His working day starts at 10 o’clock. He gets up exercises and prepares himself for the challenges. The most appreciating thing about Bera is that besides his work, he constantly gets aducation. He likes reading and understanding things he wondered about. As he says, he does not study all the subjects, only the ones that will be useful in his life. Currently Bera is studying philosophy and arts. He says that knowledge of philosophy is essential for every person who has an ambition of being a wise and successful person because; philosophy is a base of everything around us. One can never set his or her mind oriented only on material values, we should also develop our inner side. That is why we need the knowledge of philosophy. The reason why Bera studies art is that every singer and artist generally, should be educated in this sphere. As he gets older, Bera tries to develop not only in sense of career and singing, but also in a sense of his mindset.

In one of the interviews Bera talks about one of his songs, “Gpirdebi”. This song has Georgian lyrics. As young singer emphasizes he is always excited when he introduces songs on Georgian to the public. The reason for his nervousness is that the people are very judgmental because they have bunch of talented singers or composer around them and it’s very hard for Bera to surprise the audience. Still he never boasts with all these success because he never likes to talk bout his accomplishments, he considers that person should not praise himself and jugging him in a good way just like in a bad way is a job of other people. Still, the more challenging his job is, more concentrated he is. Bera says that he likes life full of different obstacles and is 100% ready to overcome every single problem on his way to success. As he looks back and realizes how much he went trough he feels satisfied.

Top Online Video Games In 2018 Is Now Available

The Frightful Puzzle Video game is actually one from those unique urban myths that people which enjoy World wide web activities might look for. Purportedly the video game consists of one thing terrifying that just Run 3 players that get to the end will definitely be able to view, yet so as to get to the side players are going to have to be actually quite, really careful to arrive at completion of the labyrinth without touching the edges.

The technique the Terrifying Puzzle Activity works is that players begin along with a blue dot in a big maze. Gamers relocate the blue dot using their mouse (whether that is actually a laser computer mouse, a touch pad or some other type of mouse), and they have to reach the end from the puzzle without contacting the edges from the Tunnel Rush . When the blue dot arrives at the goal the puzzle shifts automatically in to the following maze, so consumers have to create certain they move little by little as well as very carefully. Or else that is actually completely feasible that the dot will go across the goal simply to operate straight in to a wall surface and also deliver players back a degree or even more.

Relying on which model from the Return Man 3 gamers have actually found, striking the edges might result in being taken all the way back to the beginning from the activity. The more players acquire, the increasingly more tough the mazes become to navigate without brushing against the sides. The objective obviously is for gamers in order to get via as many mazes as possible to obtain to the awful tip that lives in the center from the labyrinth.

The cause that players require to go with the 2048 Online game along with the noise turned all the technique up is actually that the further they acquire into the labyrinth the a lot more the game tries to mess along with all of them. The target of training program is actually to make the player jump, wreck into a wall and deliver him or even her all the method back to the start of the maze. Graphics may flash as properly, creating a nervy tension that can easily mess up the fine electric motor command important to acquire to the end of the narrower labyrinths in the Video Game.

Other variations from the game exist along with various motifs, appears, etc. Whether a gamer really wants to run coming from zombies, steer clear of vampires or merely managed via a fun house complete from ridiculous illuminations, sounds and also effects there is a model from the Cubefield out there that need to be just what a provided gamer is actually looking for. Unless, from training program, that player is actually searching for an activity that they could definitively gain by triumphing. Like many other video games, the Frightening Puzzle Video game might have a side, but that does not definitely have a “gain” type of case. Unless the gamer just would like to get to the end without having his or even her nerves snagged also hard, delivering them right back to the starting point from the game to attempt once more.

The way the Frightful Labyrinth Game works is actually that gamers start with a blue dot in a big labyrinth. The target of training program is actually for gamers to obtain via as numerous puzzles as feasible to get to the horrendous tip that resides in the facility from the puzzle.

The main reason that Duck Life 4 players need to go by means of the Frightful Puzzle Activity along with the noise transformed all the means up is actually that the further they obtain right into the puzzle the much more gamefudge game tries to clutter along with all of them. Pictures may show off as well, creating an anxious pressure that may clutter up the great electric motor command needed to acquire to the end of the narrower labyrinths in the Terrifying Puzzle Activity.